Revolutionizing how safety is handled on college campuses.

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How It Works

Step One

Begin initial review of campus features and requirements.

Step Two

Decide what pricing model best fits your needs.

Step Three

Provide guarded to students on your campus.

Discover Guarded

Watch a quick video on how Guarded can work for your campus.

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Do More With Guarded

Navigate Campus Instantly

Guarded's campus maps help students navigate quickly.

With Guarded's interactive/campus maps, students can quickly and easily find where they need to go on campus with the push of a button. Don't know what parking lots you are allowed to use? Simply log into Guarded and check the parking lots for designated parking passses.

Get Help When You Need It Most

One touch hotlines.

Each campus we partner with gets access to customize hotlines on their campus. Three hotlines are dedicated to national support hotlines (sexual assault, sexual aggression, domestic violence), two are customizable by the university, and one is used to report incidents/contact campus police.

Awkward Date? No Problem.

Our most fun feature!

Uniquely underwhelm premium outsourcing with proactive leadership skills.

Our most "fun" feature. In an awkward situation? (like a bad date?) Simply shake your phone with Guarded open to fake a phone call from whoever you want. Never a better solution.

Going Somewhere? Let Your Family Know.

(Parents love this one)

Uniquely underwhelm premium outsourcing with proactive leadership skills.

Students can quickly and easily let their family know when they arrive safely back at school after a weekend at home, or let friends know they got home after a long night. Set a destination, and when you arrive, Guarded automatically texts your contact that you arrived safely.

  • 1
    Security Platform

    Guarded is first and foremost a security platform aimed at helping college students feel safer walking alone on their campus.

  • 2
    Campus Guide

    Guarded also features interactive campus maps to help students find their way.

  • 3
    Fun To Use

    Bad date? Simply shake Gaurded and a fake phone call will appear giving you an excuse to leave.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

We would love to demo the app to you, contact us below and let's get the ball rolling!

What pricing model do you use?

This is unique to each university. We will build you a plan that works for your campus.

Why Guarded?

Guarded was founded by students at Central Michigan University who have firsthand knowledge of what students want. We firmly believe we have the power to change the way safety is handled on college campuses.

Is Guarded FERPA Compliant?

Since Guarded is not directly linked to student records, and students supply their own information, Guarded is 100% FERPA compliant. In fact, the only information Guarded has students provide is counted as "Directory Information" in FERPA.

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